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Committed and cautious

June 17, 2008

Re "Gays not all wedded to the idea," June 15

We are pleased to see several individuals' and couples' viewpoints on same-sex marriage. So far all we've heard on the issue is pro and con, with a lot of religious and political badminton on both sides. To see a spectrum of views is refreshing.

If marriage equality stands in November, we will consider getting married -- as long as there are no further legal challenges. Our union is too important to be bandied about. First legal, then not. Then legal again, then not again.

We have decided not to participate in any way until the questions are all answered. To do otherwise seems disrespectful of our 27-year-old commitment to one another.

Larry Gibson

and Dennis Golay

Palm Springs


As a gay man who will be getting married to my partner of 14 years, I'm ambivalent about writing about the ambivalence of gays on getting married.

As for me, although I'm elated that we will finally be getting married, I'm not too thrilled about how much our wedding is going to cost and having to invite those particularly gossipy relatives who have nothing better to do than to complain about why I shouldn't be marrying him -- nor he me.

Esteban Ramirez

Los Angeles

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