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Bresnahan's take

June 17, 2008|Mike Bresnahan

Times staff writer Mike Bresnahan ties up some loose ends before each Finals game.

Q&A of the day

Question: If the Lakers win Game 6, Phil Jackson should have the team dress in yellow uniforms instead of purple ones for Game 7. I don't know if L.A. has ever worn yellow for an away game, so it would be a bold statement, like Notre Dame wearing green against USC in '77.

It'd be a classic move and the team is young enough and dumb enough to go for something like that. They just have to make sure they aren't [wearing] short shorts.

P.S.: No chance of Andrew Bynum coming back for Game 7, is there? Never mind. I know the answer to that already.

-- Hal Summers

Answer: Wow, Hal. This e-mail is anything but shallow.

There's ingenuity in it (a proposed jersey switch), a historical crossover into a different sport and immediate use of Jackson's humorous "young and dumb" observation from the other night.

Not to mention that you answered your own question about Bynum (correctly, no less).

I could ruin things by revealing that I'm a lifelong Notre Dame fan and mentioning how that 1977 game always makes me smile, but why mess up such a good e-mail by irritating so many readers? Besides, it's almost three months until the Irish begin the road back to respectability with a season-opening pasting of San Diego State.


Best-case Lakers scenario

Kobe Bryant rediscovers his outside touch. Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol carry over their Game 5 aggressiveness. The Lakers spend a few more days in Boston.


Worst-case Lakers scenario

Too obvious to write.


That's harsh

Kevin Garnett wasn't in the best mood after missing two free throws with 2 minutes 31 seconds to play and the Celtics down by two points in Game 5.

"It was trash," he said of his effort. "I played like garbage. I can do better and I will."

Garnett finished with 13 points, five fouls and four turnovers in 33 minutes. He also had 14 rebounds.


Final thought

Does anybody have an extra pair of earplugs? The Celtics are 12-1 at home, the crowd will be whipped into a froth, and the Lakers have little margin for error. The Lakers won't go away meekly as they did in playoff elimination games on the road the last two seasons (a 31-point loss in Phoenix in 2006 and a nine-point loss in Phoenix last year that led Bryant to appeal immediately to Jerry Buss to "Do something and do it now"). However, this has the feel of a Celtics victory.

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