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Crossing Obama off the list

June 18, 2008

Re "Women lining up behind Obama," June 16

It is amusing and irritating that this article made the front page. Women are supposedly "lining up," no less, behind Barack Obama. That's right, we've waited for a superior, capable and experienced woman to support wholeheartedly, and then we toss our dreams and what we believe is the answer to our country's dilemma aside and line up behind an inexperienced intern for president. Wow! Isn't that just like a woman?

There are many Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters who are weighing options, and none of those options include Obama. We can boycott voting, change parties, write Clinton in or, if we must, vote for John McCain.

The Democratic National Committee and the bulk of the Democratic Party haven't listened to the people for years. They're not the only game in town.

Janine Jones

West Hollywood

I'm not sure about your poll, but I know lots of women who will not vote for Obama, unless Hillary Clinton is on the ticket. We will vote for McCain.

What is the thinking behind this? It's simple: Clinton 2012.

Sue Lear

Santa Ana

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