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Do what is right for Californians

June 18, 2008

Re "State budget crisis boosts GOP clout," June 16

Let me get this right. Republican legislators believe that the air we breathe isn't dirty enough, that the planet we live on isn't hot enough, and that workers shouldn't be allowed to eat in the middle of the day if their bosses don't feel like letting them.

The only way legislators will change their positions is if everyone agrees to close hundreds of schools and universities and lay off thousands of teachers.

You have to wonder what sort of vision they have for the future of this state, or whether they only care about preserving tax breaks for their yacht-owning friends.

Graham Dent

Los Angeles

As a lifelong Republican, I am ashamed of the plan to hijack the budget to obtain concessions for a few special interests.

I have worked for more than 30 years in Los Angeles, and I have had many employers who did not abide by meal and break rules. I have spent countless hours behind diesel trucks belching particulates. I think the evidence about global warming is irrefutable.

Could our legislators just listen to the people, once, and not to special interest money? Act like grown-ups and pass the budget!

Charles Googooian

La Canada Flintridge

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