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GAME 6: CELTICS 131, LAKERS 92 : Xs and O's

Times staff writer Lonnie White breaks down the keys...

June 18, 2008|Lonnie White

Times staff writer Lonnie White breaks down the keys to Game 6 and looks forward to next season for the Lakers:

Three keys from Game 6

* Leadership: Celtics displayed quality character throughout the Finals.

* Togetherness: Lakers assist their own demise with too much solo play.

* Rondo time: Boston's point guard controls both ends of the court.

Lakers' three keys to next season:

* Tall order: In the Finals, the Lakers missed defensive pressure around the rim and rebounding help, two areas expected to be filled next season by Andrew Bynum, who did not play in the playoffs because of injury.

* Heart check: After being manhandled by Boston in the Finals, the Lakers would be wise to take a close look at the type of players required to take the next step.

* Patience: Repeating as Western Conference champions will be a challenge, but it can happen if the players stick together and play within a system.

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