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Picking up after ourselves

June 20, 2008

Re "A plague of illegal dumping," June 16

I live in Los Feliz, generally not considered one of the city's impoverished areas. Yet, on almost any day of the week, my corner boasts empty couches, old computers, beer bottles and assorted garbage. If you're lucky, it will be picked up about three weeks after a phone call.

It's a citywide problem.

Michele DeVita


Los Feliz


I have been a truck operator with the city for 18 years. Among my assignments have been alley crew and spot cleaning. While there are city services that regularly clean neighborhoods, there are just not enough resources to keep up. Add to that more people finding their way to our city who do not understand the process of trash removal. When many see an abandoned couch, they simply follow the leader and dump more. Of course this happens when "no one is looking." Neighbors are reluctant to turn one another in.

A couple of suggestions: When arrests are made, publish the pictures. Remember when the same was done for prostitutes' customers? Also, publish the amount of reward money received when anonymous tips are made.

Along with the multilingual "No Illegal Dumping" signs there should be "Dial 311" signs. I'm often stopped by residents who want to know how they can get their items picked up. They should be told that this service is free, if done correctly.

Dan Mariscal


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