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Well-rounded educations

June 21, 2008

Re "Two million minutes of students' lives," June 16

Bob Compton's documentary, "Two Million Minutes," points out that while America lags behind India and China in math and science, learning about "history, citizenship, and the arts" can play a key role in helping to enhance a child's ability in left-brain subjects.

The arts are crucial to meeting the state's goal of preparing students for success after high school. Arts education reaches students of all learning styles, language competencies and academic levels. It may reduce student dropout rates. Learning in and through the arts also opens the door to a myriad of career possibilities.

Our schools and communities need to ensure a well-rounded education for our children so they may prosper and compete in our local and global economy.

Laurie T. Schell

Executive Director

California Alliance for

Arts Education


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