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Celtics own dance floor

June 21, 2008

Chicago has its curse of the goat. The Lakers have their curse of Mark Madsen. The Lakers have not won a championship since Mark Madsen danced.

Victor Wilson

Palos Verdes Estates

For you Lakers fans scoring at home, that one goes down in the scorebook as defensive indifference.

John Thompson


I would like to thank Lamar Odom for showing up in the Finals against the Celtics. The fans appreciate the one quarter you made it to.

Sean Jones


When it's the most important game of the season, and the team doesn't show up, I blame either the bus driver or the head coach.

Richard De Santis


After watching the Lakers-Celtics series, I think the wrong coach is getting the $10 million a year.

Gary A. Robb

Los Feliz

Thanks, Lakers! Except for the last game, you gave us an exciting and memorable 60th anniversary season. Now, just package and trade Odom and Radmonovic, lock Pau Gasol in the weight room for the next six months and bring on Andrew and Trevor full time and you'll be the ones dancing around the court with a big gold trophy at this time next year.

Gary Linquist

Morro Bay

Let's all just shut up about how we "blew" this series. Nobody blew anything. We just got beat by a better team. Period. Yeah, we did a bunch of dumb things in this series. Kobe couldn't get his bunny to hop, Sasha had his hair in his eyes too much, Lamar was Lamar, and Gasol ran out of gas.

However, we lost in the NBA Finals. The Finals! After last summer's fiasco, nobody dreamed that we would even make the playoffs, let alone the Finals. Complaining about losing in the Finals would be akin to a high school senior, after first being promised a used Ford Escort, complaining when he got a brand-new Mercedes because it was the wrong color.

Craig P. Fagan

San Diego

It has been 22 years since the Celtics won the championship and they couldn't wait another five minutes until the game ended to celebrate?

Greg White

Lake Arrowhead

The Celtics deserved to win, no doubt. But the final game has only been over for a couple of minutes, and I'm already tired of the pious twits who think the result is some kind of karmic payback for the fact that Kobe Bryant isn't Mother Teresa.

Lee DeRaud


Well, I was going to say "Cheer up, at least we have the Dodgers," but . . .

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

Buying NBA players to win a championship: $60 million

One container of red Gatorade dumped on a basketball floor: $15

Lakers players fighting through a crowded celebration to shake their opponent's hands: priceless.

Thanks for a great season, Lakers.

Shirlene Wheeler


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