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No prayer

June 21, 2008

Amid the proselytizing platitudes of "Bandwagon" Bill Plaschke and the bullying bombast of T.J. Simers, how refreshing it is to learn that The Times employs an unabashed pagan in Kurt Streeter. Now that we know his fealty to the God of Baseball, maybe he could tell us what the Basketball God really thinks of Kobe, and why the Golf God rewards Tiger while forsaking Phil.

Rhys Thomas

Van Nuys

Kurt Streeter's column ("Pleading to the Big Dodger in the Sky," June 15), wonders why the Baseball Gods have forsaken the Dodgers. It's really quite simple. We're being punished! Allow me to list 10 reasons why:

1. Beach Balls.

2. The Wave.

3. The Kiss Cam, Guess the Attendance and the Hat Shuffle.

4. $5 Dodger Dogs, $8 beer and $15 parking.

5. Replacing the wonderful music of Nancy Bea Hefley with corny sound effects and hip-hop.

6. Only three innings of Vin Scully on the radio.

7. A general manager whose brain has turned to oatmeal.

8. Destroying the beauty of Dodger Stadium by plastering it with advertising.

9. Firing Ross Porter and replacing him with Charley Steiner.

And, most important . . .

10. The McCourts' plans to turn Dodger Stadium, one of the cathedrals of sport, into a year-round tourist trap!

Greg Garnet

Canoga Park

Joe Torre, Business Management 101 teaches us this:

You are only as good as the people who work for you.

Sorry Joe, you lose.

William Michael

Dana Point

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