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Star power stalls

June 22, 2008

Re "Stars test the waters for hydrogen cars," June 15

Although it was an interesting article, I was surprised that this story made front page news. This story was more fitting in two other sections: Classifieds, because it was largely a promotional piece to create buzz for Honda, Toyota, BMW and General Motors; and Calendar, because it promoted a list of who's who in Hollywood and profiled the latest accessories the elite frequently receive from corporate America.

Do you really think Kristin Davis, Joely Fisher, America Ferrera or Cameron Diaz can persuade the average consumer to buy a $100,000 car when most Americans are struggling to put food on the table and gas in the tank to get to work?

Automakers have a long way to go before this technology is truly feasible to the general population.

Greg Jenkins

Long Beach

I couldn't help noticing the gross contradiction apparent in the first sentence: "Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis owns four Toyota Priuses."

No doubt Haggis believes he's being "green" by driving Priuses, but he obviously completely misses the point.

Why does he own four cars?

Ed Carter

West Hollywood

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