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Campaign funds become an issue

June 24, 2008

Re "Obama sets his own terms for the race," June 20

Barack Obama pledged to run a publicly financed campaign. Now he has gone back on his pledge. Yet The Times headline reads, "Obama sets his own terms."

I can't wait for students caught cheating on a test or job applicants lying on a form to invoke The Times' euphemism as their defense. Given the mainstream media's idolatry of Obama, it's hardly surprising.

Randy Peterson

Laguna Hills

Obama is being rebuked for opting out of public financing and finding support among small contributors on the Internet. He is being charged with having gone back on his word.

The following observations seem necessary: He did not give "his word." He merely expressed a moral preference for public financing as compared to seeking support from lobbyists, special interests and large donors, which had underlain the McCain-Feingold Act, and properly so.

Since then, the Internet has provided an alternative that is at least as far above reproach as public financing. It is odd that commentators have not made this point an important element of the debate.

Walter Spatz


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