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Immigration and deportation

June 25, 2008

Re "Out of jail -- and out of the country," June 22

I do not see the controversy in screening illegal immigrants in L.A. County jails, as long as the screenings are mistake-free. Taxpayers are wasting their money incarcerating illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration is a crime, and one of the consequences of this crime is deportation. Screenings are essential; they lead to the deportation of criminals and put taxpayer money to better use. Every state should implement screenings and try to perfect them.

Shane A. Willis


The Mexican immigrant who had twice been deported and was again facing deportation cried that he had a family of four children and a sick wife. He was previously arrested for domestic violence and other crimes. Why did he not think of his children and wife before committing those crimes?

How easy it must be for him to use his family only when it suits him, not when they need him to be responsible and law-abiding.

Jonathan Kraut


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