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Comfort the weak

June 27, 2008

Re "As a boy suffered, many turned away," June 21

I would like to commend The Times for its diligent coverage of the unimaginable abuse inflicted on the 5-year-old boy in South Los Angeles. What can be said of the society in which we live, where such horror was ignored or excused by Los Angeles County officials as well as family and friends?

Hopefully, knowledge of this boy's circumstances will lead us all to understand the obligation we have to stand up for, and speak for, those who are not able to speak for themselves.

Emily Stecker

La Crescenta


I wanted to thank and bless the stranger on the Metro platform who reported this abuse while many others, including family members, looked the other way. It was very courageous for a complete stranger to help this child. I hope that when he recovers physically, someone just as kind will help him recover emotionally.

Paulette Osborne

Los Angeles

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