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Remembering Carlin

June 28, 2008

I LOGGED on to with the intention of complaining about George Carlin's obituary in the print edition of the Monday newspaper. I was offended by the fact that the obituary kept coming back to "dirty words," as though that was all Carlin was about.

However, I ran across Paul Brownfield's appreciation of George ["Carlin Was the Best of a Kind," June 24], and my anger went away. Thank you for a sensitive remembrance of who he really was and what he meant, both as a comedian and a social critic.

Richard A. Sherer

Redondo Beach


THANKFULLY, THE great interpreter and observer of the world's foibles didn't always use a filter. Because George Carlin got right to the point and spoke many unspoken truths, he was not afraid to be politically incorrect, blunt, or even crude at times and, most important, was always brutally honest about humans and their many flaws.

He will not only be missed, but the void left by this astute commentator will be enormous.

He would want all of us to start thinking again; it's time.

Frances Terrell Lippman

Sherman Oaks

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