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Battle on the beach

June 28, 2008

Re "Malibu's celebrity surf and turf war," June 24

The Point Dume and Paradise Cove crowd is recognized among the surf community as an entitled and disrespectful bunch. The intimidation of non-locals who want to surf at these locations reflects a belief that the beach belongs to the residents of this elite enclave.

Although the local paparazzi may be an annoyance, they were on public property and working legally when they were assaulted by local thugs. Rather than uphold the law, Malibu Mayor Pamela Conley Ulich seems to support vigilantism that will ensure "the tranquillity of our town." This outrageous indifference to the rule of law confirms the belief among ordinary working people that F. Scott Fitzgerald was right -- the rich are not like the rest of us.

Luca Bentivoglio

Santa Monica

We, the public, have sat and watched as the paparazzi have broken laws and stalked, terrified, abused and menaced anyone in their way. When laws do not protect the public, violence takes their place.

If the surfers had not drawn a line in the sand, who would be the next victim?

Diane Shires


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