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Simers receives a perfect 10 for column

June 28, 2008

At their absolute best, neither Mary Lou Retton nor Paul Hamm ever nailed a landing as accurately as T.J. Simers nailed the current state of women's gymnastics in the U.S.

While saying current female, Olympic-hopeful, gymnasts "who are in many ways victims of child abuse," as well as "misguided and dreadful parenting," and a specific health issue, he might also have included veal calves.

How does the current system, originally established by Bela Karolyi and his wife, which mandates physiques barely able to cast shadows, differ from those calves' "growth-stunting?"

And if you don't think there's a Karolyi "system," just watch NCAA women's gymnastics on ESPN, where those women perform very well, weighing nearly twice as much as the Ks' "little darlings," while looking twice as healthy.

T.J.'s column should be required reading for all sports-driven parents.

Bob Jackson

Simi Valley

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