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Slyly hilarious satire

June 29, 2008

Re "David Baldacci will ruin you," Opinion, June 22

Joe Queenan provides further evidence that satire is an often misunderstood form of humor. His tongue-in-cheek contention that including less-than-immortal books as favorite reading matter on one's college resume will send any applicant to educational Siberia is slyly hilarious.

Unfortunately, this phony diatribe, worthy of S.J. Perelman or Woody Allen, was lost on many readers, including several of my friends who took it 100% seriously.

Gordon Hearne


From Queenan's worries I can foresee the emergence of a new industry: "curriculum blogae" screening for paranoid parents. It had better begin at birth, because the first hurdle will be preschool enrollment.

Lynn Allan Losie


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