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Protecting the Channel Islands

June 29, 2008

I share your passion for the Channel Islands ("Offshore Eden," June 22). I am fortunate to have a boat in Channel Islands Harbor, so I often visit the northern islands, perhaps the most "Galapagos-like" of the bunch.

California Secretary for Resources Michael Chrisman and I are working on some ideas to help the Catalina Island Conservancy with the challenges they face with a significant amount of public visitors and continued threats to native plants on the island.

There also will be significant changes in the marine-protected areas as we evaluate the entire coastline south of Point Conception to the Mexican border.

Richard Rogers


California Fish and Game Commission

Santa Barbara


I visited Santa Barbara Island recently, my third island hop after Anacapa and Santa Cruz.

The landing on Santa Barbara Island has changed since your visit in April; the ladder is functional. One of our party got stuck on the ladder coming down when the skiff had to leave in a hurry to avoid oncoming waves.

Also, I wouldn't say that hiking was a breeze; it can be on some trails but not on all. Even the walk up the half-mile trail to the visitor center was challenging for some of us.

I'm now debating whether I want to go to San Miguel in July.

David McFadden

Los Angeles

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