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More money won't save schools

March 07, 2008

Re "In L.A., his own wall of China," Column One, March 1

What Zhao Yan Feng had to put up with in class is awful, and one reason more money alone will not save public schools.

Students must want to learn, and their parents must insist that they give school their best efforts. It would be nice for Zhao to transfer to a magnet, charter or private school for a few weeks and see that most students want to learn and (typically) respect their teachers.

Larry Goldstein

Los Angeles

A few weeks after completing Zhao's class, most students will forget what little Mandarin they learned. I propose that all the school administrators responsible for this outrageous tragedy be required to learn about the educational needs of Dorsey High's students. Perhaps a course on quantum mechanics or neurophysics would help.

Simon Gonzalez

La Quinta

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