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Putting Pierre in his place

March 08, 2008

Bill Plaschke's impassioned defense of Juan Pierre [March 5] was great if you are looking for a friend, not a starting left fielder. Juan's speed is nice, but doesn't do much good trotting back to the dugout after another weak out.

Plaschke's most glaring omission is the bottom line: The Dodgers have three outfielders who are better than Pierre.

Mark Stark

Chino Hills

I was relieved to read Bill Plaschke's article in support of Juan Pierre. Recently I'd been worried that Mr. Plaschke had changed, but this restored my faith in knowing that he continues to understand nothing about baseball.

Carole Yumiba

Los Angeles

Bill Plaschke's column about Juan Pierre was right on the money. I also see the possibilities ahead for Juan this year, and agree they're pretty exciting. I like Juan's playing very much, and I suspect that I'd like him as a person as well.

Bob Burket

Santa Monica

What is more "old school" than playing the best player?

Eric Monson


Bill Plaschke's column about Jason Schmidt's slow recovery left me with a two-word bad taste in my mouth: Darren Dreifort.

John R. Grush

Mission Viejo

Dodgers Manager Joe Torre expects his new team to be baserunning wonders, just like those guys in red across town ["Touched by the Angels," March 6].

Perennially hamstrung Jeff Kent? Bozo-on-the-basepaths Matt Kemp? Chubby Andruw Jones? Those Dodgers?

Welcome to La-La Land, Mr. Torre.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles

New Dodgers coach Larry Bowa's refusal to wear a protective helmet while coaching at third base shouldn't present a problem for him. When someone is already so hardheaded, a line drive will not cause any additional damage.

Gary Rubenstein

Pacific Palisades

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