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March 08, 2008

OK, so Kobe Bryant may not have the popularity, personal charm and moral perfection of, let's say, a T.J. Simers. But can't we give him some credit for being among the very best basketball players on the planet, at the moment, and quite possibly one of the five or 10 best ever?

If Simers can't appreciate seeing Kobe perform at this amazing level, why does he bother to write about sports? And for that matter, at the very least, isn't Kobe a good example of dedication to a goal, hard work, playing through pain, and now, even teamwork?

Jim Culnan

La Crescenta

Sacramento Kings fans chanting "M-V-P!" to Kobe Bryant. What's next, Lakers fans heaping praise on T.J. Simers? Naw.

Ron Tom


MVP is meaningless. How do I know? In 12 years Kobe hasn't won it, that's how.

Ed Marro

San Diego

Looking at things objectively, it's clear that Kobe Bryant is the MVP. After all:

LeBron James has a higher scoring average than Kobe, a higher shooting percentage than Kobe, more rebounds and assists per game than Kobe, and when LeBron missed five games earlier in the season, his team was 0-5.

Obviously, based on the above objective data, Kobe is the MVP.

Jon Lochead

San Dimas

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