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Warming waters in Arctic region

March 16, 2008

In considering the various arguments for and against global warming, perhaps one of the strongest supporting the proponents' position appeared in Monday's Business section ("Ships intrude on Arctic's warming waters," Global Report, March 10).

The story noted that ship owners have ordered 152 reinforced ships for use in newly opened northern waters. At a conservative $100 million each, that's $15 billion of one industry's capital invested on the assumption the Arctic warming trend will continue.

How much money is being invested in the competing theory?

Brent A. Wright



I usually like David Lazarus' writing and incisive analysis, but the March 9 column ("Renters priced out of L.A.") reads like a press release from the mayor and his developer friends.

Why can't Ms. Corbin find a job paying the same amount of money closer to her home?

Why isn't there public transportation that she can take to work? Why doesn't the City of Los Angeles fix the "broken neighborhoods" where Ms. Corbin didn't want to live?

Daniel J. Fink

Los Angeles

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