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An enthusiastic start

November 01, 2008

Mark Heisler's column of Oct. 30 set some sort of mark for, er, enthusiasm.

Who can deny the Lakers' greatness, indeed? An unbroken string of two victories! Not one victory, but two! Let the records fall.

No question that the Lakers' performance in both those games was impressive. But if this is how Mr. Heisler is writing after two games, I fear for the safety of the reader a couple of months from now if their season really continues to go the way he predicts. It might require sunglasses, or a strong antacid, to read anything by him in January.

Bob Burket, Santa Monica

Holy cow, Mark Heisler! The Lakers look unstoppable . . . after two games against non-playoff teams. Wake up and smell the Celtics' 17th banner. I guess we didn't humble you guys enough.

Jeffrey L. Walker

Los Angeles


Don't fret, Bill Plaschke, I won't call you a Kobe hater just because you think Kupchak and the Lakers pulled the trigger too quickly on a contract for Andrew Bynum. But you do fail to acknowledge some points.

1) Now we won't have writers speculating how Bynum's contract situation is affecting his play every time he has an off night.

2). Any contract has its risks, but given Bynum's improvement and his health, it was not as big a gamble as Plaschke implies.

3) Why wait and deal with seeing what offers he gets in the off-season just to save a few bucks? Ultimately, the Lakers were never going to let Bynum go elsewhere. So in a season this ripe with championship potential, the fewer distractions the better.

Jim Miller

San Gabriel


Bill Plaschke's suggesting the Lakers extended Andrew Bynum prematurely epitomizes why Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak make the NBA decisions and why Plaschke writes about them.

Pete Russo

San Clemente


On Wednesday night I witnessed a professional franchise's season come to an end after such high hopes. It was a great run, a great effort, the team played its hearts out and no one expected them to do that well, but better luck next year, Clippers.

Jason Vargas

El Monte

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