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Pro pains

November 01, 2008

Doesn't Roger Goodell know that there are over 10 million NFL fans right here in Los Angeles who would love to see a pro football game? There is no interest overseas in the NFL. Playing games in London or Toronto is a slap in the face to the people of Los Angeles who had their teams ripped away by greedy, incompetent owners. It's not unusual to see 90,000 fans at the Coliseum and over 60,000 more at the Rose Bowl on the same fall afternoon and there's plenty more where they came from.

L.A.'s pro football fans deserve better, but in the meantime, can't the NFL at least throw us a bone?

Mike Gamboa

Buena Park


It has been reported that Lane Kiffin, ex-USC assistant and ex-Raiders coach, has expressed interest in the University of Washington job, now that Ty Willingham has announced he'll step down at the end of the season. Why would Kiffin step into a pressure cooker like that? Because, compared with the Al Davis treatment in Oakland, the Huskies' program is a coach's dream.

David Macaray

Rowland Heights

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