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Rough diamond

November 01, 2008

Mercifully, the worst World Series of all time is over! It was characterized by a blizzard of commercials, a torrent of really bad umpiring, ghastly judgment about fair playing conditions, and an in-your-face arrogance from Commissioner Bud Selig that no changes would be made. Baseball is becoming unrecognizable since the playoffs are now way too long and consist mostly of commercials.

Joseph Bonino



Why is it that baseball's most important games are played closer to Thanksgiving than they are to the Fourth of July, in horrible weather, where the players wear more clothes than I do when I go skiing?

The season needs to end sooner so we can focus on the play on the field and not on the weather. Now excuse me while I go try to predict who will be next year's "Mr. November."

Andy Bernstein

Santa Monica


After years of watching Garret Anderson not run, not hustle out ground balls, and in general show less effort than a Little League kid who plays for free, I have one question: Am I the only Angels fan who wishes that the team had kept Jim Edmonds, and gotten rid of Anderson all those years ago? Really? Is a guy who would run through a wall to get an out such a bad thing? Really?

Mark Kaliher

Big Bear City


Chris Erskine's great article of Oct. 28 prompted me to think of a few more things one might find in Baseball Heaven.

In Baseball Heaven, a pitch in the dirt is always thrown back to where it came from -- the pitcher. Umpires in Baseball Heaven take a long, hard look at a baseball before throwing it out of play.

In Baseball Heaven, the crowd spontaneously begins chanting "Go! Go! Go!" every time Maury Wills reaches first base.

And in Baseball Heaven, waves and beach balls are found only at the seashore.

Allan Judkowitz


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