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Called for icing

November 01, 2008

I have no idea why AEG's Tim Leiweke continues to view himself as some sort of sports savior, but I wish T.J. Simers would take him up on his offer to attend a Kings game together. The sole condition should be that Leiweke gets the honor of dropping the ceremonial first puck. Not only would Page 2 get a month's worth of columns from the foolish quotes the AEG mouthpiece is sure to utter during the game, but the sheer volume of negative crowd reaction toward Leiweke at center ice might be enough to finally convince AEG how detrimental their impact truly has been.

Andy Buckley



When AEG is done running our local teams into the ground and ignoring pleas for them to exit the ownership business altogether, can they comment on Forbes' recent report on the Kings' finances? I liked the part about the team earning more than $1 million in operating income even though AEG claims losses in the millions. However, the part about owner Philip Anschutz, "who knows nothing about hockey and cares even less" is also strong.

Mr. Leiweke, for the first time ever I would actually welcome your opinion.

Dan Macmin

El Segundo

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