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Not just McLovin

In 'Role Models,' Christopher Mintz-Plasse expands beyond his 'Superbad' dweeb.

November 06, 2008|Robert Abele

Mintz-Plasse still lives at his family home in West Hills with his mailman father, Ray Plasse, and mother, Ellen Mintz, a school counselor, both of whom are (sort of) thrilled with his success. Sure, Mom wanted her younger son to consider acting in "Superbad" a pleasant diversion amid educational imperatives, but even she couldn't ignore what followed.

"She was like, 'OK, you can do more movies and not go to college, for now," says Mintz-Plasse, purposely exaggerating a parental edict. "I said, 'All right, Mom. Thank you for your permission to have a career.' " He laughs. "But they've always loved that I was acting, because I loved it. And it was really helpful."

He's also hewing to advice from his "Superbad" costar Michael Cera that, no matter what Mintz-Plasse's agent, manager or parents tell him, to pick movies based on his gut instinct of what he thinks is right for him. So far, he says, so good.

He has a few serious moments in "Role Models" and "Kick-Ass," and full-on dramas are something he's thinking about. "But I feel like right now I'm still kind of young and my voice is whiny," he says. "It's an annoying voice, some people tell me, and on message boards people say that." He pauses. "Which I've got to stop reading."

Music and girls

In the meantime, he bought himself a drum set and has started up a band with friends. He enjoys sports. Girls are in the picture too. But availability isn't the same as compatibility. "I've hooked up with some girls," he notes, "but like, finding girls who will just come right back at what I say with something and keep me on my toes, that's what I really find sexy in a girl."

Hey, if verbal sparring won him a part in "Superbad," why wouldn't it work for potential girlfriends?

Just remember, ladies, it is him, and his name is Chris.

Abele is a freelance writer.

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