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Ready to snap open that Paper again

Paper Magazine store Where: 8873 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood When: 6 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday Price: Free Contact:

November 06, 2008|Margaret Wappler | Wappler is a Times staff writer.

To Paper Magazine's co-founder and editor in chief, Kim Hastreiter, it doesn't matter what the economic headlines say -- the need to have that cool thing is timeless, invincible. "People who collect things are nuts. I know because I'm one of those nuts," Hastreiter said. "When I shop, I'm unstoppable."

And though our consumerist mojo may be wounded these days, that isn't likely to deter kids decked out in hot-pink paisley neck scarves and iPhones from engaging in the self-consuming, Ouroboros-like quest of trend-following and trendsetting, especially this weekend.

Paper Magazine, a vociferous culture hound somewhat weary of its gentrified New York base, is in Los Angeles through Sunday for its fourth year to tap into the city's Pop art scene, set up a 24-hour-only department store and party. The fruits of this ruckus will make up Paper's February issue.

"The store is an art piece on the manic nature of consumerism. No matter what's happening, you've got to keep it pure to keep it good," said Hastreiter, a red-spectacled maven who studied at CalArts with John Baldessari.

The pop-up store, one of many events but the sole public offering, is the heart of the L.A. project. Hastreiter developed the concept for Art Basel Miami in 2006 with Jeffrey Deitch, with items from Jeff Koons and John Waters for sale. "We had Eli Broad waiting in line just to get in. By the end, the place looked like it had been stripped by termites." The next year, she brought it to a space on La Brea Avenue.

This year's frenzy, in a makeshift WeHo space designed by architectural firm Johnston Marklee, features high-to-low artist vendors hawking more one-of-a-kind wares, including fashion designer sisters Rodarte; Las Vegas clothing shop Fruition; Silver Lake sneaker shop Undefeated; and underground record label Teenage Teardrops. The event will be soundtracked by 17 L.A. talents such as Charles Lester (who will play his theremin for the 10 a.m. slot), Harper Simon (Paul Simon's son), Lady Tigra and Black Black.



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