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'View' co-hosts bury the hatchet

November 06, 2008|Maria Elena Fernandez

It was a new day in America, and a new day on "The View."

Can you guess which co-host of the ABC gabfest said this Wednesday?

"Today is a victory for this country: to have Barack Obama be our president, the first black president, the first black first lady. To have the amount of voters -- 14 million more voters in this election than the last -- present themselves and vote in this election. Today is victory."

Was it Joy Behar? Whoopi Goldberg?

Nooo. It was Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the lone Republican voice on the panel and passionate supporter of Sen. John McCain who recently accused Behar of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

Today, after Hasselbeck "made nice" with the president-elect, Behar took the opportunity to gloat. "What are you saying? I was right all along?" Behar said and laughed.

The two women shook hands.

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