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Election signals voters' evolution

November 06, 2008|GEORGE SKELTON

"She's definitely, definitely thinking very hard about doing it," says her longtime strategist, Bill Carrick. "I've talked to her several times. I'm very surprised at how interested she is."

Feinstein has been making the rounds of Democratic politicians, contributors and policy wonks, asking penetrating questions about how to fix Sacramento -- and whether it really is ungovernable.

That may well hinge on whether Prop. 11 -- Tuesday's ballot initiative to take away the Legislature's redistricting power to rig its own elections -- maintains a slim lead as final votes are counted. If it winds up winning, that would be a boost to the political reform movement. A loss would be a setback.

The majority party -- Democrats -- will never voluntarily surrender its gerrymandering power. Ironically, Democrats could have added even more legislative seats Tuesday than the three they apparently did if the districts had been fairly drawn rather than fixed in a bipartisan conspiracy to protect the political status quo.

One thing never changes in society or politics: Those with power fight to retain it, even if the power boomerangs.


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