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Water solution

November 08, 2008

Re "State could reduce water supply," Oct. 31

Your article correctly reminds Californians of the water crisis. However, saying that water allocations to local water agencies may increase if we have a wet winter lulls readers into a state of false security.

Even torrential downpours will not make it possible to fulfill local water agencies' needs because there is a regulatory noose tightening its hold on California's primary water delivery system, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

In 2008, water deliveries from the delta were cut to protect fish. Those cutbacks will continue into next year. We can't assume that rain and snow will wash our problems away. Even if we get the water, we can't move it through the existing system.

Mandatory conservation, rationing and even rate hikes are here to stay until we agree on a long-term solution that protects the delta and provides reliable water for residents, businesses and farms. As Californians do their part to further conserve this year, state leaders will be mapping out a plan to fix this system. Rather than delivering water through the delta, we need to consider conveying water around it.

Laura King Moon


The writer is assistant general manager of State Water Contractors.

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