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The Obama Effect

November 08, 2008

Helene Elliott's interview with Tim Leiweke was about to receive my usual wrath of skepticism (even though I love Elliott's work covering hockey), but something else I read Thursday rendered that topic -- and frankly everything else in the sports section -- almost moot. Kurt Streeter's "Through Obama . . . ." column was downright captivating and perhaps the most important article written this year. Thank you, Mr. Streeter, for your compelling discussion of a potential "Obama Effect" and how it would impact society as a whole.

Elliot Powers



"A tall middle-aged black man stood next to me, a smile of almost painful joy on his face, beating his palms so hard together, they must have hurt."

At first glance, this would appear to come out of today's stories about the election of America's first African American as president of the United States of America. A fellow African American, so very proud that he lived long enough to see this day come true, showing his appreciation.

In fact, this story was related in the biography of the recently departed writer, Studs Terkel, who was recalling what was written in Chicago when Jackie Robinson played his first game against the Cubs back in April, 1947.

Robinson-Obama. It only took 60-plus years for still another American breakthrough.

Steve Tarde

San Diego

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