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No fans of party politics

November 10, 2008

Re "We don't need those Ds and Rs," Opinion, Nov. 6

I had to write after reading Patt Morrison's column. As an independent for 30 years, it was great to see her sentiments about the political parties that are killing our democracy.

I registered as an Independent when I turned 18 in 1976. I was not very political, and I thought I would just register with the "I" party until I learned more about the "Ds" and "Rs." By the time 1980 came around, I knew I wanted nothing to do with either party. From then until 2004, I voted for an independent for president every year, including this year. In 2004, I voted for John Kerry, only because I despised George W. Bush so much. My friends probably think I'm a kook. I have sent a handful of e-mails saying how these parties are more interested in their own welfare than the country's.

I just hope there are more than two of us who feel this way!

Scott Bryant

Lake Forest


Bravo, from a fiscal conservative. I believe that all elections, from dogcatcher to national office, should be completely and exclusively publicly funded. We should come up with formulas based on demographics to provide fair financing to candidates. This would allow a third-party or no-party candidate to run on close to equal footing with entrenched incumbents. A potential candidate would simply have to garner enough signatures to run. Imagine the gnashing of teeth from all the PACs, special interests and lobbyists. More important, it would make politicians beholden to their constituencies and no one else.

James Clark


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