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OK, let's see Tiger accomplish this

November 13, 2008|Mike Penner

D.J. Gregory, a 30-year-old with cerebral palsy who was once given little hope of walking, just completed his personal PGA Tour marathon -- he walked every hole of every round every week on this year's tour.

Gregory walked a total of 3,256 holes, covering 988 miles. He traveled 79,838 miles, visited 23 states and two foreign countries (Canada and England) to reach his goal. He consumed 280 bottles of water, 259 bottles of sports drinks and 332 sodas.

He also fell 29 times. Gregory told the Associated Press: "The worst was at the Bob Hope. I tripped over some TV cables twice in 30 seconds."

Gregory wrote a blog about his year on the tour and has considered writing a book. He was asked if he planned to skip golf's silly season.

"I think I'm going to the Merrill Lynch Shootout," he said.

Trivia time

Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most PGA Championship cuts made. Who is second on that list?

A passing fancy

The New York Times notes that the top two current leaders in NFL passer rating once were discarded to make room for Eli Manning with the New York Giants. Kurt Warner is first at 106.4, and was benched so Manning could play during his rookie season. Philip Rivers is second at 106.3, and was traded for Manning as part of a draft-day deal. Manning is currently 15th in passer rating at 88.8.

Job bank shot

The New Jersey Nets are offering free tickets to unemployed fans who submit resumes to the Nets Job Bank.

The program, which will make 300 tickets available for each of five selected home games, also will give fans who register access to a career fair at the Izod Center on Nov. 22.

What do the Nets get out of it? Maybe one of those applicants will be tall, have a jump shot and fit into the Nets' rotation.

Terrell's tips

Terrell Owens appeared on David Letterman's show Tuesday night to read the Top 10 list: "TO's Advice for Kids." Advice included:

10. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how crazy smooth you look playing the game. 9. Get into a line of work that includes cheerleaders. 8. Look good. 5. On or off the field, play it safe and wear a cup. 3. Listen to me -- do not cry during a press conference. 2. There ain't a damn thing to do in Green Bay. 1. Show up to practice every day, unless you're renegotiating.

Trivia answer

Raymond Floyd.

On borrowed time?

From Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Charlie Weis played mostly with Ty Willingham's players for two years. He went 19-6 with Fiesta and Sugar Bowl appearances. He has played with mostly his own players in the last two seasons. He is 8-13 and may not go to a bowl either year. Either he can't recruit or he's coaching them down. Or both."

-- Mike Penner

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