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Barack and BCS

November 22, 2008

When someone moves into a new job, the first thing they have to do is prioritize unsettled matters they have inherited. Once the priorities are in place, you then proceed to go to work and focus on the issues that need immediate attention and action.

With this said, will someone please tell the president-elect that the BCS playoff issue shouldn't even be a small blip on his radar screen. Leave this constant BCS banter to the stodgy and stubborn committee members, who unfortunately refuse to listen to the American public when it comes to creating a playoff system that would crown a true college football champion.

Richard Whorton

Valley Village


Obama speaks for all the true college football fans in the country, the players, and most of the coaches, who would like to see championships decided on the playing field. He does not speak for the college presidents, conference commissioners and network executives who look at college football as a business.

A college football playoff system is just what this country needs, and if it was open to a vote, it would overwhelmingly be passed. Chris Dufresne's article should be changed from "No He Can't" to "The Audacity of Hope."

Don Geller



Barack Obama stated this about the BCS, "I'm going to throw my weight around a little bit."

Here is what I would reply if I were a college president. "You may try to throw your weight around, but at 175 pounds, you are going to get clobbered. Stick to politics."

Brett Elkins

Los Angeles


The BCS and ESPN is a match made in over-analysis heaven.

Anthony J. Moretti


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