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Locked out

November 24, 2008

Re "Stars sue over who may use a gate," Nov. 20

As a pool serviceman of nearly 30 years, I am one of those workers being denied access to entrance gates by North Beverly Park residents, who are using us as pawns in their feud with the South.

North Beverly Park resident Irena Medavoy says, "We don't know these workers." I want her family to feel safe being around me: The most dangerous piece of equipment I have in my truck is a pole and a net.

And to borrow a phrase from Medavoy, who says Beverly Park is a "wonderful place to live, with really terrific families": There are "terrific families" in the neighborhood where I live too.

Christopher J. Ortega

Manhattan Beach


Who says newspapers only print pessimism on their pages? The story about the civil war between the North and the South in Beverly Park was delightful. It is something the rest of us can relate to -- or at least laugh at in these dark times.

Bill Homann

San Marcos

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