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Here's a hint: there's one in the house

November 24, 2008|Mike Penner

During a timeout in a game last week against the Detroit Pistons, the Boston Celtics entertained fans with a contest on the scoreboard in which a couple of players tried to name all of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs.

Ray Allen got five right. Eddie House had three. A fan from the crowd got six.

Which did they all forget?


So, how did Celtics Coach Glenn "Doc" Rivers feel about that?

"I think we're going to practice on Monday, now," he said, jokingly. "Honestly, I don't think I could name all seven, either."

Trivia time

What were the names of the Seven Dwarfs?

On the menu

Jim Fox, the Kings' color analyst, will have a soup named after him at the Redondo Beach Cafe, with a ceremony Wednesday as part of a viewing party for the Kings game at Edmonton. The game is not shown locally, but the restaurant will pick up the Edmonton feed. (Didn't the Kings pick up something else from Edmonton 20 years ago? Oh, yeah. Wayne Gretzky.)

Fox will have the restaurant's chicken noodle soup permanently named after him. Just to be clear, that's chicken, not ham.

He's not missed

So, now, the truth comes out about the Allen Iverson era in Denver.

Nuggets Coach George Karl recently told the Denver Post that since the trade that sent Iverson to Detroit in exchange for Chauncey Billups, "There are less bad plays, more solid plays [now]. I think the wasteful, cheap possessions that we used to have, 10 to 15 a game, they don't exist much anymore."

"Sometimes I saw something, but I couldn't get it done on the court because I didn't have a playmaker out there."

Rebuilding year

Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Randy Wittman hasn't lost any sleep over his team's 3-9 start, but he told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the decor of his bedroom has changed.

"I sleep in a padded bedroom now," Wittman quipped.

Trivia answer

Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and, of course, Doc.

And finally

Headline at the satirical website SportsPickle. com: Players-only meeting spent discussing whether to admit kicker and punter.

-- Mike Penner

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