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Californians feel the pinch

November 25, 2008

Re "Dead ends and daydreams," editorial, Nov. 23

In my neighborhood, George Runner is a hero for his no-tax-increases mantra.

But I have a sister-in-law who has cerebral palsy. It has left the right side of her body useless and causes uncontrolled seizures. She is mildly mentally handicapped, making her unemployable. She is 100% disabled, lives in an assisted-living facility and cannot afford her medications.

My father-in-law, who is also disabled, is a retired Marine who gets his health care through the Veterans Benefits Administration so he can afford to send his daughter $500 a month to buy her prescriptions.

Now the Republicans, led by Runner, want to further cut my sister-in-law's benefits. They also want to cut spending for education. Where does it end? We cannot cut our way out of this economic crisis. We must be willing to pay more to keep the state solvent. We must let the Republicans know that even their god Ronald Reagan raised taxes. It's time we did again.

Bob Harris



It seems The Times' love affair with the Governator continues. As usual, you place the blame for a faltering California at the feet of the Legislature.

Not that the lawmakers don't deserve their share. But this is not the first Legislature that the governor has failed to come to terms with. This is the guy whose claim to political fame is rolling back a car registration fee. Now he's going after a deficit by tripling that fee -- what great irony. Only a booming real estate market and subsequent tax revenues put him in the black. And he squandered the surplus for what?

When confronted, he talks green and the heat goes away. When his so-called support to defeat Proposition 8 is needed, he's in Ohio stumping for John McCain.

This waste of skin is proving to be another Jesse Ventura.

Jeff Button

San Clemente


Re "Plan would triple car fees," Nov. 21

Somewhere, Gray Davis is chuckling.

Tim Travers

Lake Forest

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