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Politics versus aid

November 26, 2008

Re "A too-harsh lesson," editorial, Nov. 21

I wanted to thank you for your editorial calling on Israel to lift its blockade.

Your assertion that, regardless of political considerations, civilians should not be made to suffer inhumane circumstances is right on point. Collective punishment is not only prohibited by Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, but it should not be tolerated by any government that wants to see a viable and just peace take root in the Middle East.

Noura Erakat



Your editorial overlooks one simple solution to the problems the people of Gaza are experiencing: They can get rid of a government that threatens the extinction of its neighbor, repeatedly attempting to kill and kidnap that neighbor's citizens -- and then weep crocodile tears when the neighbor attempts to defend itself.

Why should Israel feed, clothe and provide medicine for people who are trying to kill them? Do Gazans rush to help Israelis who are killed because of their government's actions? Israel has been known to help Palestinian Arabs in a variety of ways. What it gets for its troubles is mortars and rockets.

Who has torpedoed peace effort after peace effort? Hamas. Who is threatening its neighbor with extinction? Hamas. Point your editorial finger in the direction of Gaza City.

Herb Yood

Orleans, Mass.

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