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Keep the promises

November 28, 2008

Re "Sensible meets radical," Nov. 25

After eight years of President Bush often naming people to important posts whose most important qualification was their ideology, it is refreshing to see President-elect Barack Obama's economic team. This group is one that looks at facts on the ground over pure ideology.

You won't see many flamethrowers on this team. Instead, it's a group of brilliant people who won't toe a party line but rather will do what is best for the American people. No less is needed during this economic crisis.

Steven M. Clayton

Ocean, N.J.


If Obama does not act with courage and bring real change on all fronts -- rather than just a continuation of George Bush's and Bill Clinton's policies -- through the people he appoints to be on his team, he will fail in his quest for change.

Obama's picks of former Clintonites who favored deregulation of the economy and corporate interests over the people is worrisome. He seems to be surrounded by the wrong people on the economy and on foreign policy: Lawrence Summers, Rahm Emanuel and Madeleine Albright, among others, are not a breath of fresh air. Where is the change?

We need Obama to act as boldly as Bush did -- but this time on the side of justice, peace and the people rather than the corporations, financial institutions and the rich. Obama needs people around him whom his base can respect and feel confident will work on their behalf.

Unless Obama and the Democratic Party start acting like winners and keep their promises to the people who elected them, this administration will fail.

Raquel Brac


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