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A part of the energy solution

November 29, 2008

Re "Chevron's hype," Opinion, Nov. 21

In the absence of insightful or informed comment in Antonia Juhasz's Op-Ed article, I would like to provide some balance.

We communicate not only Chevron's commitment to developing all forms of energy but the critical energy challenges facing us all. Billions of people are being lifted out of poverty who want the things we take for granted -- heat, light and mobility. This demand will require every form of energy.

Oil and gas are capital-intensive businesses that deliver energy at a tremendous scale. It takes huge investments to ensure that we don't even think twice that there will be fuel to get us to work or take our kids to school. And yes, we are also investing aggressively in the renewable energy businesses of today and ones that might be viable in the future.

Right here in California, Chevron Energy Solutions is helping schools and other public entities reduce energy use and use renewable power. We have also created a series of research and development partnerships to make next-generation biofuels from nonfood sources a reality, but we need to get the science right first.

We recognize that the way we use energy today has to change. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we are part of the solution to the world's growing energy needs.

Dave Samson

San Ramon, Calif.

The writer is general manager for public affairs for Chevron.

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