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Don't do more of the same

November 30, 2008

Re "Obama steps forward with his own plan," Nov. 23

If a stimulus plan -- billions in new deficit-financed federal spending -- is the key to economic recovery, then how could we have possibly gotten into this mess in the first place? Through the Bush years (and not counting the recent bailouts), federal spending has grown by more than 50%, and more than $4 trillion has been added to the national debt.

Any short-term stimulus provided by deficit spending is outweighed by long-term consequences that reverberate throughout the economy.

Doesn't it seem just a little suspicious that the political consensus on an economic plan calls for politicians to simply do more of what they always do and love to do -- spend money they don't have?

Frederick Singer

Huntington Beach


I am very concerned that politics-as-usual will guide President-elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus package.

Our nation has many roads, bridges, dams, schools and levees that are in disrepair. Improving our economy while fixing our infrastructure is a very admirable goal. My concern is that politics -- and lobbyists -- will guide this effort.

We need a process in place that will take an objective look at projects across the nation and prioritize those most urgently need. Money should not go to the project with the most powerful backers.

We don't need to leave it up to the states. We don't want local politics to drive these efforts. We should place all our focus on fixing existing projects, not funding new projects. Speed is also very important, so that money can start flowing into the economy.

Michael Orefice


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