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Sam Farmer / ON THE NFL

The sky's the limit

Over-the-top style of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is reflected in new stadium; features to include bringing outside in with glass walls and retractable roof.

October 01, 2008|Sam Farmer

"Only a small percentage of Dallas Cowboys fans will ever come into this stadium," he says. "The majority will enjoy it through the perception of the stadium. It's how John Madden talks about it. It's how Al Michaels talks about it. It's how Troy Aikman talks about it. The wow factor."

The real wow for me comes when we step into temporary offices just off the construction site. There, in two trailers, Cowboys sales reps are pumping the phones to sell PSLs and suites for the new stadium.

The nerve center is really buzzing on this day because the team is coming off a big "Monday Night Football" win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and the marketing department has just launched a website to sell tickets.

No owner in the NFL knows sales and marketing better than Jones. He introduces me to Chad Estis, who's overseeing the ticket sales.

"This guy," Jones says, "between him and Tony Romo, if I had to get rid of one, that would be a hard call for me."

I learn why.

Estis tells his boss that his staff has just sold a bunch of Founders Club memberships at $150,000 a pop -- all before lunchtime.

Although Jones' mouth opens ever so slightly, he doesn't say anything. He doesn't need to.

Like a DB, I can read it in his eyes.


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