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'Still baffled' by Palin

October 02, 2008

Re "In debate, Palin can unnerve foes, aides," Oct. 1

Andrew Halcro and Tony Knowles, who ran against Sarah Palin for governor of Alaska, say they are "still baffled by how their mastery of policy and state issues was trumped by Palin's breezy confidence and feel-good answers."

Maybe the voters in Alaska (and the rest of the nation) have the same short attention span as Palin. Sound bites and entertainment vanquish facts and experience for these shallow citizens.

I fear for our country, with that kind of credulity taking the reins.

Karen L. Niles

Huntington Beach

Re "Evangelicals differ on whether Palin's career fits biblical model," Oct. 1

Things are always so black and white for evangelicals -- except when they're not.

Despite clear and overwhelming biblical rules placing a woman in the home and subservient to her husband, many find ways to interpret, rationalize or flat-out ignore these laws because they support Palin's politics.

One even says, "I wouldn't presume to make that judgment for another family." Too bad these people don't apply such thinking to other matters, including support of an unjust war, opposing equal rights for gay Americans and feminism.

These issues can be easily evaluated in nonliteral ways, but that wouldn't be biblical, I guess -- or at least, it wouldn't be politically expedient.

It is also unfortunate that no one expressed any concern about Palin's actual qualifications, apparently taking it on faith (literally!) that her religion and broad stances on a few hot-button issues are all that is needed.

Peter Molnar


I was amused to read of the attempts by some evangelicals to fit Palin's life choices comfortably into their strict biblical view of a woman's role in society. As "Saturday Night Live's" Church Lady would say, "How convenient!"

Patrick McDonald

La Crescenta

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