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Paul Newman, a true star

October 02, 2008

Re "A leading man of film and philanthropy," Sept. 28

This is my favorite Paul Newman story: Some years ago on "The Tonight Show," he talked about how he would hang out at his children's camps during the summer. One time when he was sitting down having breakfast with some of the campers, he said to the little boy sitting next to him, "Do you know who I am?" The little boy said that he didn't. Newman pointed to his own picture on the front of the Newman's Own Lemonade carton that was on the table. The little boy got all excited and wide-eyed and exclaimed, "Were you kidnapped?"

Oh, that bright wide smile on his face, in his eyes, when he told that story.

Kenneth Stein


Newman was the gold standard. Stars should aspire to have his talent, humility and good old noblesse oblige.

We have some now -- including Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Susan Sarandon -- but more should use their wealth and fame for the common good instead of mere internal combustion.

Kurt Sipolski

Palm Desert

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