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Health plans differed greatly

October 03, 2008

Re "Judges OK S.F. health program," Oct. 1

This article was misleading in stating that the governor got a boost from the court's decision that San Francisco's plan did not violate federal law.

San Francisco's program is very different from the governor's failed proposal. San Francisco charges fees to employers and participants and covers services in county facilities.

Schwarzenegger's plan would have capped what employers would have to pay, exempted virtually all small and medium businesses in the state, required every Californian to buy insurance from a private insurance company and put absolutely no cap on what consumers could be charged as premiums.

Despite the fact that the governor spoke about his desire to reform health insurance, he just vetoed every health reform bill except the ones that kept hospitals from snooping in your medical records.

State Sen. Sheila


Chair, Senate Health


(D-Santa Monica)

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