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Gordon could be out two weeks

October 03, 2008|Lisa Dillman | Times Staff Writer

Missing the heart of his first NBA training camp is one thing, but, for Clippers rookie Eric Gordon, there are other crucial concerns.

"It takes three stories to get up to my room," he said.

And, obviously, it's a much tougher proposition with a bad ankle.

The Clippers' rookie guard and first-round draft choice suffered a sprained right ankle on the opening day of camp, in Tuesday night's scrimmage.

And the team said Thursday that Gordon has a high sprain and he could be out for as long as two weeks.

"I mean, the good thing is it's not broke or anything," Gordon said. "I'll be back for sure next week. It's only going to be a couple of days. I'm really not worried about it.

"I was in shape before training camp. Whenever I get back, I'll be just fine. . . . I got a rebound and I just came down on somebody's foot. Stuff happens like that all the time."

Still, next week sounds overly optimistic. Gordon needed crutches to get around on Wednesday but not Thursday.

And the good news? A reprieve from fetching coffee drinks for teammate Baron Davis. "He's not making us do anything now," Gordon said.

It's early ... but

Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy had high praise for rookies DeAndre Jordan and Mike Taylor.

"Coming in at 19, [Jordan] is doing a nice job of blocking shots and defending people, rebounding, doing nice things," Dunleavy said. "At this point, he's a little further along maybe than I expected.

"Mike Taylor has been terrific, basically defending and running his team. He's scoring points, but he's run his team very well."

He especially liked the play between Davis and Tim Thomas.

"The passing from Baron to Tim last night was the best I've seen. . . . Everything flowed just terrific," Dunleavy said. "[Tim] has played so smart and efficient, by far the best I've ever seen him play.

"What I've been pleased with is we've got a lot of guys out there that I feel like are options. If they continue to play the way they're playing right now, unless it's an aberration, and people all just have hot hands at the same time."

Help wanted

In the aftermath of the review of the NBA's officiating program, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson suggested there should be an independent agency monitoring the referees.

"I think it should be a committee of ex-coaches," Dunleavy said jokingly. "If we can't get TV work, we want to be on the review board for the referees. I'm voting for that. I'm suggesting that at the next meeting."


Marcus Camby sat out another day of practice because of flu-like symptoms.


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