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Take blame game to the polls

October 04, 2008

Re "No one's clean in this mess," Opinion, Sept. 30

Jonah Goldberg is understandably anxious to stop the blame game for the economic crisis, but we're in the midst of an election for the presidency, a third of the Senate and all of the House.

The culpable parties, which by my count would include every Republican and a substantial number of Democrats in Congress, plus the Bush administration, don't seem inclined to admit their folly and greed and resign from office.

We the voters will therefore have to sort out who's responsible and to what degree, and punish at the polls those who have advocated the deregulation of the financial industry.

We have five weeks to do this. Let the blame begin.

Alan Pierpoint



For the first time, Goldberg writes a piece that I totally agree with!

Arnie Richards


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