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Housing plan is crucial

October 04, 2008

Re "L.A. housing plan to be unveiled," Sept. 28

Given today's economic climate, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's vision to expand the availability of homes that are affordable to all Angelenos is all the more crucial. More than ever, we need affordable homes. This is no longer just an issue about the homeless but about all of us, who may find ourselves in harder times with reduced choices.

We need to ensure that everyone has access to a home so that those teetering on the brink don't slip off and swell the largest homeless population in the U.S.

We will not be able to grow our economy or become a world-class city if workers don't have a place to live and those facing hard times end up on the streets.

Villaraigosa's plan faces this challenge and is achievable and comprehensive. We need to implement the plan now.

Mike Alvidrez

Los Angeles

The writer is executive director of the Skid Row Housing Trust.

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