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Dodgers fans stand by their Manny

October 04, 2008

With Bill Plaschke's commentary on not signing Manny Ramirez, we have established a third inevitability in life. It is now death, taxes . . . and Plaschke's an idiot.

Bruce Kahn


It's so tired and predictable. Plaschke writes an article that the Dodgers should not re-sign Manny, right at a time when it will get the most inflammatory reaction from Dodgers fans who adore Ramirez.

This time next year, after they have signed him and he's led us to another division title, we will read the following: "It said here in this column that the Dodgers should let Manny walk. This writer was wrong."

Then we'll be expected to respect him for admitting his error. We've seen it before. Spare us, Bill, we already know you're wrong.

Josh Clark

San Gabriel

We should all be in the position that Ned Colletti is in. All Ned has to do to keep his job is sign Manny Ramirez. Give him three years and $75 million or whatever it takes and we promise to forget Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones. If you don't sign Manny, leave town and don't come back. It's that simple.

Mike Gamboa

Buena Park

Manny really brought a new attitude to the clubhouse, did he? Ol' Joe doesn't care about the Lil Wayne blasting as long as Manny still hits .400 and helps Andre Ethier break out of his shell, you say? That's funny. I didn't realize he had won a place in the fans' hearts with his "goofy" demeanor and hot bat. I almost forgot he had dreadlocks!

What a great guy. I am so glad you decided to print yet another portrait of Manny Ramirez and his contributions to this young Dodgers team. It's hard for me to fully grasp this topic when you're only running articles of this nature four days a week.

Dorian Soracco

Los Angeles

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